Brown rice breakfast (Ness's savoury version)

After many years of being on a coeliac diet, I’ve (nearly) accepted life without sourdough toast and vegemite for breakfast. What helps to keep the craving at bay, surprisingly, is brown rice. I now eat it for breakfast many times a week with all different sorts of additions. My base is always the rice so I prepare big batches, let them cool and then freeze them in ziplock bags so as to always have rice at the ready. This breakfast only takes minutes and you can be creative depending on what’s in your fridge. In most instances, I’ll boil an egg with it too.


Cooked brown rice 
½ or whole avocado
Squeeze of lemon juice
Chopped fresh coriander
Drizzle of tamari
Sea salt, to taste
Black pepper, to taste

To serve with - some ideas

Baby tomatoes
Cooked baby spinach
Boiled eggs (peeled & sliced)
Smoked salmon
Herbs - parsley or basil are good
Finely cut fresh chilli or sambal if you’re brave
Few drops sesame oil


It’s very easy. Just heat up your brown rice. Chop the avocado and add to the rice. Squeeze some lemon juice over, add the tamari and sprinkle fresh coriander. Add a quick grind of black pepper, a little salt to taste and that’s it.

Once the rice has cooled, you can portion it out to freeze. When you have reheated your rice, just add the bits and pieces.