Apple wholegrain mustard aioli

This is based on my aioli recipe in our cookbook on page 104. I created this version for a Christmas menu, to go with a slow roasted pork shoulder - to create delicious pulled pork sandwiches. 


One egg (room temperature – this is essential)
250mls of grapeseed oil
A squeeze half a lemon
A good pinch of sea salt
1 small apple peeled, simmered in a pan with a little water and made into a smooth apple puree – be sure to allow it to cool completely before adding it to the mayonnaise.
1 generous teaspoon wholegrain mustard


To make the mayo, put all the ingredients aside from the apple and mustard, into a plastic measuring jug and use a stick blender to blend (I have only ever made this using a stick blender). Yes, it’s that easy! Don’t be fooled into using your good olive oil to make this, as it won’t taste good. You must use a bland oil and grapeseed is perfect. And you also need to ensure your egg is at room temperature - otherwise it won't work. Once the mayo is made, fold in a few teaspoons of the apple puree and wholegrain mustard. Taste and season if required – it may need more apple, more wholegrain mustard, salt and pepper, up to you.