In producing this book, we felt inspired to take this opportunity to spotlight a non-profit organisation we are deeply passionate about, called Hagar.

Hagar is an international organisation founded twenty years ago and is based in Cambodia. It provides safety and shelter to women and children who have suffered severe human rights abuses. Hagar currently has programs in Cambodia, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Myanmar. It is an organisation that is focused on the individual and committed to nurturing each and every person who walks through its doors, to help them reach their full potential.

Hagar achieves this in a number of ways. It integrates survivors of human trafficking back into the education system and into the community. Hagar also provides immediate medical attention, funds a catch-up school and provides trained psychologists to work with clients. In addition, it has established an aftercare shelter in Cambodia, to nurture and keep these women and children safe.

Hagar and its people are truly inspirational. Part of it’s Mission Statement is to ‘restore broken lives’ in the ‘toughest of human conditions’ doing: ‘(W)hatever it takes, for as long as it takes...’.

For further information about Hagar please visit their website.