The perfect green smoothie


Smoothie ingredients

I am addicted to my green smoothies and need to drink one for breakfast everyday. Drinking it makes me feel so alive. Many people are turned off by the colour, but please give this one a go. I’ve managed to convert quite a few family members with this delicious and energising recipe. My kids now demand one for breakfast. It would be ideal if you had a powerful blender as you can put all the ingredients in at once. 

I go to the Bondi Markets on a Saturday morning, and just love the people from whom I buy my fresh organically grown herbs and greens. When in season, I love to add purslane, gotu kola, chocolate mint, pineapple sage, nettle and any other wonderful greens to my smoothies. Often the market growers have great suggestions. If I am using fresh nettle, I steep it in boiling water overnight. In the morning I bottle the liquid and discard the nettle – give this a try as it goes a fabulous deep bottle green, and is a great tonic for the blood.


2 handfuls of any variety of kale leaves (about 2 - 4 pieces with stems torn off) or any other green leafy vegetable such as baby spinach

½ or 1 whole lemon – skin, pips and all

A handful curly leaf or flat leaf parsley

15-20 soaked almonds (soak them overnight in filtered water in the fridge. This re-activates the vitamins inside them and make them easier for you to digest).

1 handful mint leaves

2 frozen mango cheeks, or a whole apple or pear cut in quarters

1½ cups of your favourite milk (I use Coco Quench)

½ - 1 cup filtered water


5 stems dandelion leaf

2 tablespoons yoghurt (ie: sheep, cow or coconut)

1 baby avocado or ½ a normal sized avocado

1 handful ice

Maple or rice malt syrup

Note: if using avocado, skip the yoghurt and vice versa.


Replace the almonds with soaked or raw cashew nuts.


Whiz all ingredients in a powerful blender until green and smooth. If it’s not sweet enough, you can always add a teaspoon of maple or rice malt syrup to taste. You can also throw in a prune or date to sweeten.

If you don’t have a powerful blender you can use a food processor or normal blender but be sure to process the greens first with the liquid of your choice. Don’t add the lemon whole, add the zest and juice only. Add all other ingredients and blend until smooth.

Serves 2, generously
Gluten free
Dairy free (if dairy free milk and yoghurt are used)


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